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UltraDisk® Digital Voice Recorders & Microphones

The UltraDisk® brand of handheld Digital Voice Recorders and microphones are supplied to retailers, education organisations, training organisations, theatre & stage, corporate businesses and consumers globally. Established in 2006 the family owned audio tech company is based in Manchester, England and offers a wide range of portable audio recording products, digital voice recorders, microphones and portable voice amplifiers..

UltraDisk® Digital Voice Recorders & Electret Microphones are designed in the UK to meet the requirements of a diverse range of customers, supplying a wide range of handheld digital recording devices and recording accessories that demonstrate quality and sophistication using the latest digital audio technology.

The UltraDisk® range of digital voice recording products were launched in the UK in 2007 and the product range and availability continues to grow organically, the range of voice recorders & microphones have expanded with considerable research and development into advanced digital audio recording and acoustic technologies.

Digital voice recorders enable users to collect ideas and create and to store digital documents at the touch of a button. They also offer users the ability to take time out to relax with the built in music mp3 media players and FM Radio. A digital voice recorder is essential for all who wish to discreetly save their thoughts, conversations and ideas within seconds without the need for a pen and paper. UltraDisk® Discreet covert audio recorders are built with dual USB data memory capabilities from 256MB to 8GB memory, enabling upto 1500 hours continuous recording.

Our business spirit reflects an individual commitment, based on teamwork and loyalty, aiming to reach a standard of exceptional quality, reliability and service in providing digital recording solutions to our customers worldwide. Our products are designed in Manchester England. Support & Knowledge Base UltraDisk® Digital Voice Recorder Online Support Page

Click to Enter UltraDisk Support & Knowledge baseIf you experience any problems with your product please refer to the user manual or take a look through our articles on the UltraDisk support Knowledge Base

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