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We recognise that there are many channels to the market for our products and welcome new partners to retail the UltraDisk® range. If you are interested in retailing our digital voice recording products or microphones please contact us for more details.

We will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and ideas, UltraDisk® offers different levels of discount based on commitment and sales performance. So if you think the products would compliment your existing product lines, or  would like more information on our products or services please view our product range on the website and contact us for additional information.

UltraDisk® manufacture and distribute handheld digital voice recorders & notetakers to retail trade, education, business and individual consumers. The family owned company is based in Manchester England.


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To buy an UltraDisk® digital voice recorder, you will need to visit one of our stockists or buy direct in our new secure online shop. We accept all forms of payments from PayPal, Google Wallet, all major debit and credit cards are accepted, we accept bank transfer purchase ordering for trade orders only.

UltraDisk® are seeking new distributors, retailers and affiliates and offer generous discounts at trade. So if you have a website, shop, or think you can achieve repeat sales, please contact us to discuss your requirements and apply for a trade account

If you are looking to purchase online today, please visit our UltraDisk® digital voice recorder online stores below

UltraDisk Digital Voice Recorders from UKET
UltraDisk Digital Voice Recorder online shop
Purchase online, securely and direct with us today, if you are looking for trade pricing and distribution information please contact us.


UltraDisk Digital Voice Recorders from UKET
UKET Limited - Digital Voice Recorders
Supply all UltraDisk products and lots of other gadgets and gizmos for all the family.

Amazon - UltraDisk Digital Voice Recorders and Microphones
UltraDisk voice recorders and microphones are very popular and can be purchased directly online via Amazon UK and Amazon EU, often with free postage and next day delivery. Orders can be placed online, via mobile apps and delivered to your door. Visit Amazon UK - UltraDisk Digital Voice Recorders