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Click to Enter UltraDisk Support & Knowledge baseIf you experience any problems with your product please refer to the user manual or take a look through our articles on the support desk knowledge base .ACCESS SUPPORT

UltraDisk® voice recorder Knowledge Base.
If you make little progress with your issue please contact your local distributor or place of purchase, they will be able to help you troubleshoot and help with any specific product questions.

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All of the digital voice recorders come supplied with a comprehensive user manual supplied on an interactive suuport software cd, at the back of each manual troubleshooting guide & user FAQ.


If you continue to experience any problems with the recorder, please contact the supplier of the recorder. If your suppliers are unable to help and your enquiry is not found in the Knowledge Base, please log a support call with the helpdesk

ultradisk helpdesk UltraDisk Support Desk

All UltraDisk® digital voice recorders are supplied with a 12 months manufacturers guarantee which is honoured by the retailer and underwritten by us, so if you ever have a problem do get in touch with us. Please always remember to keep your purchase details safe and sound to ensure that your product guarantee is protected.

UltraDisk® provide resellers and distributors technical training on all of the products we supply and all offer email / telephone support should they need to resolve any customer queries quickly and easily.

Visit the UltraDisk Support Desk for our comprehensive user guides and Knowledge Base articles.