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UltraDisk DVR7 voice recorder - How to set the time and date stamp voice recordings

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UltraDisk® DVR7 MP3 Digital Voice Recorder Setting the Time / Date

New Model Ultradisk 1Gb Digital Voice Recorder Mp3New Model Ultradisk 1Gb Digital Voice Recorder Mp3
Setting the File Record Time

Press the or button at standby mode to select the time-setting mode.
Press the “M” button to activate the menu options.

Press the or button to select the function be adjusted. The selected function will flash on the screen.

Press the “+/-” button to adjust the function as required.

When the time has been set the recorder will automatically confirm the setting. The recorder will return to the main menu in 10 seconds. Alternatively press the “M” button to return to the main menu.

Check the Recording Time

Please upload the recording files to the computer. When the files are fully transferred right click the mouse over the recording file and open Properties. You can now check the time data of the recording file.

The creation time is the time when the recording started
The modified time is the time when the recording stopped
The access time is the time when the recording files were uploaded to the computer

Please Note: There is no clock memory function in the recorder and the time which is indicated could be different from actual daily time if the battery life has degraded during use.

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