Portable Digital Voice Amplifier PA

Portable Digital Voice Amplifier PA

The UltraDisk range of portable Voice Amplifiers and mini PA systems, give users complete freedom of movement, the portable, lightweight and high powered 10W digital amplifiers are ideal for improving speech clarity and volume. Perfect for use in a number of professional situatons and ideal for individuals with speech disabilities to enhance vocal transmission. Ideal for use in exercise classes, education, teacher, training sessions, classroom / PE, lecture halls, theatres, stage and perfect for tour guides.. The UltraDisk portable mini digital amplifier can also be used as a portable amplifier with any UltraDisk voice recorder, Tablet, MP3 player or smartphone as a smart external speaker.

UltraDisk digital voice amplifiers are used in a wide range of situations, anyone with a weak voice or a throat problem caused by vocal nodules, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, Guillan Barre, impairment of throat or chest muscles, damaged or partially paralyzed vocal chords, diminished lung capacity, artificial larynx users, esophageal and TEP speakers. The voice amplifier is designed to elevate the vocal volume of people with temporary or permanent voice impairments and to assist those who rely on an electronic speech aid, voice prosthesis or use esophageal speech thus providing enhanced vocal clarity, reducing patient strain and improving communication and reducing the need for repeating.

Voice amplification will assist a person with a voice problem who has to do a presentation and other activities that involve projecting one's voice, in training, education and tour guides. A portable voice amplifier may also be worn generally in the office or during employment and be switched on according to the need (eg. in meetings, visits to noisier areas such as a warehouse or factory floor).  

Remember that government support exists to help employers purchase equipment to aid employees with voice disabilities via its access to work schemes.

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